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Secured Credit Cards - Applying for BPI's Express Start

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After I applied for an Instacard and having reservations about their program, I decided to apply yet again on another secured credit card program this time with BPI's Express Start. The thing is, after learning that RCBC's Instacard do not up upgrade your secured credit card into a regular credit even after several months of being a good payer, I've decided to go to a similar program that rewards its clients for being a responsible card user.

Having an ATM Savings account in BPI Family Savings Bank, I decided to give it a try yesterday. Before doing so, I've read several blogs and noted that it is generally better than RCBC's Instacard program. Armed with my ID's and an additional deposit amount, I went BPI Family Savings Bank P. Tuazon branch (the one in front of Ali Mall). I initially went to one of their cash deposit ATMs and placed Php 13,000 so my hold out amount would be Php25,000. I then went to one of their representatives  and asked about the BPI Express Start program. The representative, in fairness, knew about the program but the way she handled or assisted me lacks the "eagerness to assist" attitude. I don't know if it because it nearly lunch time when I got there and there's so many forms to fill up which could delay her break, or the fact that I am just applying for a secured credit card with a low hold out amount meaning I'm not one of the elite customers who should be prioritized.

Being a customer support representative the past 3 years and 8 months, I understand the effect of having a great customer service which I didn't feel when I entered the place. Don't get me wrong, I am not expecting a grand welcome with red carpet and marquee and the like. Hehe. A simple smile, or a simple gesture like appreciating my interest in applying, and then asking me to wait while they finish the one ahead of me, would do. Sadly, nothing.

So when the representative asked me to photocopy my ID's (indeed I read in a blog that some BPI branches do not have photocopying machines or they just don't let you use them), I didn't return and instead went to look for another branch. Good thing I found one in Annapolis, across the Gateway Mall, Aurora Boulevard exit. I believe the branch was recently opened or renovated because everything just looks brand new.

I entered and I was instantly greeted with a warm welcome by a representative and was asked what I would like to do. Nice. I informed her of my intention to apply for a secured credit card was quickly assisted. She first informed me of how it works and handed me several forms to fill up. Since I already have an ATM Savings account with one of their branches, I was told that I no longer need to open one with them.

Just like applying for an Instacard, the process was smooth and quick, I chose to have Php 25,000 hold on my account and applied for a Blue Mastercard.

Here are the requirements:

1. Must be at least 18 years old
2. Must have a business or residence contact number
3. Completely filled out and signed Express Start Application Form (Available at the branch)
4. Completely filled out and signed Deed of Assignment (Available at  the branch)

It is important to note though that unlike Instacard whose credit limit is 100% of your hold out,  Applicants for BPI's Express Start may only  get a credit limit of up to 90% of his hold-out deposit amount. I also read that it is also rounded to the nearest five so a Php 10,000 hold out may have PHP 9,000 limit if you are lucky and at the worst, Php5,000. To increase it, you just increase your hold out amount.

After filling up the necessary forms, I was told to wait for 5-10 banking days for the application to be processed.

Again, I will wait.


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