Monday, February 15, 2016

Heaven Xend -t!

I'm an occasional online seller. I have an eBay account and an OLX account. I sell mostly random stuff ranging from pre-loved personal items to cellphone accessories to collectible cards or kung sa anuman ang maisipan kong ibenta na gamit ko. Most of the time I do meet ups especially within the Cubao area, but I also do shipping especially if my buyer is from Alabang, Cavite and the rest of the South area. I usually use LBC, since its the one nearest to my location but I find them expensive. No offense, LBC! :)

I'm an occasional online buyer too and amidst personal horror stories of shipping and online scams, I actually prefer having the item I've purchased sent to me via post. That's how I came to know about other shipping services that online sellers use. Two caught my interest: Xend and FastTrack. I'll be blogging about Xend since its the one I just used. :)
It's actually pretty easy. First, you need a Xend account. You can create one here. Just fill in the required fields and click on the "Complete Registration" button. Easy peasy.

Once you have an account with Xend, you can now book a pickup schedule online. Just click on the "Schedule Pickup icon", choose a date and time that is most convenient for you (although they do not guarantee that they would be able to do so), and then click on the "Schedule pickup" button.

And then you wait. I scheduled mine between 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM, and it was picked up around 11:30 AM. I was also left with a lots of Xend pouches and manual waybills for future use. Talk about fast forward thinking. :)

It was really quick and convenient. I do not have to go outside of the house and fall in line. The best thing about Xend is that they have a badge system which displays how many successful deliveries a seller has made, which in turn boosts their credibility as an online seller. Not bad eh? Here's mine, and yeah its currently at zero! Haha!

ship and send via xend

It would be at 1 in a couple of days. Hehe! It's just sad that I only came to know about Xend just recently. Could have had more than 50. :( Any way, everyone starts from zero right?

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