Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Miao Cat Cafe Experience

Although I once owned a Pomeranian, I am more of a cat person. I love cats. Although I'm kind of  allergic to fur (it makes me sneeze uncontrollably), when I heard that there's one in Quezon City, I immediately search for their Facebook page and booked myself a slot. Their staff promptly replied and confirmed my reservation, much to my relief. I booked on a weekday as weekends tend to be jam-packed and prone to be fully booked before you even try to. Before coming to the place, make sure that you set a reservation. I did mine through their Facebook page:

Miao Cat Cafe

For reservations, please send a message with the below format:

Date and Time:
Number of Guests:
Contact Number:

They are open everyday at 11am-1pm, 2pm-4pm, 5pm-7pm, and 8pm-10pm. If you are wondering about the hourly breaks, is it because of the time it takes to clean up the place for the next batch humans and for the cats to have a break from them. Guests are also limited so the place would not get crowded and there would be enough cats to roam around.

Door rate is Php 300,  inclusive of a food and a drink. Their menu is somewhat limited but who cares? We'll all there for the cats. Hehe! I had the potato salad and a chocolate shake which are really simple but good food. The experience itself is enough.

A+ for effort on personalizing my drink. :)

I went there via public transportation so if you are bringing a car, you should go there early as parking spaces are limited. To get there, from EDSA, ride the MRT going to the North Station. Proceed to Trinoma and head towards the exit facing the McDonalds Mindanao Avenue. Ride a jeepney bound for Congressional Avenue and keep an eye for a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) store and Banco De Oro (BDO) branch. Alight at KFC and cross the road going to BDO. Walk along Congressional and look for a Cakes2Go store. There are no signs outside of the place but you will see a small entrance with stairs to the left side of the Cakes2Go store. I've been travelling along this area for years as a college student ad it really surprised me that there such a place in a rather sleepy part of the city.

Once you are there, you will be asked to review the house rules written near the entrance. You will also asked to use the disinfectant available and change your footwear to the available rubber slippers. I got there early for the 2pm-4pm schedule but it was worth the wait. The place was kind of small with minimal tables, of which are of Japanese style, meaning you would have to sit on the floor to enjoy your meal. Being the first among the 2pm schedule, I immediately grabbed one of the Japanese tables which I think is the best considering that you would have to play with the cats. There's also an open air balcony, maybe for those who are allergic to fur and those who need a breather.

The entire place is decorated with everything cat related. There are scratch posts, cat paintings, instax photos of the felines, old books, figurines. Everything is instagramable, as you would say.

Finally, the cats! Hehe. Most of them are sleeping during the schedule I have picked but they eventually woke up to play with us humans. Also, three or four of the cats were not available as they would have to go to the vet.

Of course, a selfie!

Another selfie.

Definitely worth the experience!

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