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Getting Denied For a Korean Visa for Filipino Tourist in the Philippines

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For some, being granted a visa to visit their dream location abroad is one of the best feelings in the world. However, not all applications get approved, and being denied for anything is also one of the worst feelings one would have to endure for a time. This post is merely specualations, or should I say, wild /smart guesses based on my own experience, and what I've read or heard. The only ones who definitely know are the consuls and they are not talking. :) I believe this is done so no attempt to override their process would be done. Much like credit card companies, they won't tell and would just ask you to retry after a certain number of months, which in this case, you can only reapply for a Korean visa after 6 months.

Sad life, I know.

Now, I personally was not denied one, but my nephew was, and we applied at the same time. As mentioned here, his wife was sent to Seoul for a business trip, and she invited us to tagged along. All we have to spend is the airfare and pocket money as the accommodation is shouldered by the company. And guess what, its The Westin Chosun. :)

So here's our profile:

32 y/o
Applied as a employed tourist
employed in a private company (BPO)
working for 3 and a half years in my current company as a Team Leader
Bank account: 4XX,XXX
Average daily balance: 2XX,XXX
Complete requirements

My nephew:
31 y/o
Applied as a student (He's studying as a caregiver)
Enrolled in a school for caregivers
Complete requirements
Bank account: 7X,)XXX (a chunk of it placed on his bank account 2-3 weeks before as mentioned by his wife)
Average Daily Balance: ?

At a glance, one would think that I have a high chance of being approved because of my high bank account. But was it that really the case?

Personally, what I think the mistake my nephew made is that he only placed a huge chunk of money 2-3 weeks before his application.  I believe ADB for 6 months is more important for Korean consuls to consider rather than the actual current balance of your account as anybody can have an amount be deposited on their account just what my nephew did.

Was it because he is an unemployed 31 y/o student? Though he submitted his school records and it was verified by the Korean embassy, is being an unemployed adult a no-no when applying for a visa?

Was is because he is a student caregiver? Maybe they mistook him as a caregiver accompanying his wife?  I've read somewhere that caregivers are frowned upon on Korea as they found it arrogant to have someone to attend to you  during your travel period?

Maybe somehow he left a blank space on his application form? It is important that all fields have entries and ones that do not apply to you should be marked as N/A (not applicable).

Or was it because of he placed conflicting information that the Korean embassy couldn't verify? On my part,  the Korean embassy did called our HR department and I was asked to return their call. I did and was just asked a few questions about my job, tenure and my position.

At the moment, these are the reasons I could think of that made him be declined from being granted a visa. We could only comfort him at that time.


I personally have not heard or read that one could appeal the denial. Heck, they couldn't or should I say wouldn't disclose the exact reason, much more review your appeal. But I guess one could try and just hope for the best. 

Anyway, I will be applying for my second Korean visa this August 2016 and I'm still very nervous about it. Will keep you updated. :)


  1. Hi, have you heard that someon re-applied for a visa after a month of being denied?

    1. You will not be allowed to, I'm afraid. They are strict with the six months rule. I believe you can appeal the decision if its really that urgent.

  2. Anonymous1:08 PM

    i applied my visa here at abu dhabi last feb 2017 and sadly i was denied for unknown reason, but i will try to apply again in Philippines by march 2017. do you think it is possible?

    1. I'm not sure about your situation, because here in the Philippines, they are strict with the 6 months rule. but since you applied at abu dhabi, I do not know if the embassy here in the Philippines will recognize that. You can try, at least. Wala naman mawawala. or if you have a gold bdo or bpi, may be you can avail of their promo.

    2. Anonymous3:31 AM

      Hi! Me and my friend also applied in abu dhabi and got denied. Did the korean consul disclose to you the reason? Did they made a mark on your passport that you got denied?

    3. no they will not disclose the exact reason but they will give you a slip of paper which contains possible reasons and they will tick the one closest.

    4. ask ko po if natuloy kayo mag apply sa Pinas ng visa after denied here in Abu Dhabi? denied din ako for whatever reasons, i am plannning to apply sa Pinas. Thank you, hope for your reply.

    5. @ABS, you can always try. Let me know of the outcome. Thanks!

  3. Anonymous5:08 PM


    1. I apologise for the delayed response. I believe they would need to wait for another six months. the embassy is strict with this rule. Good luck!

  4. Hi @Anonymous same situation here. I applied for korean visa in abu dhabi and got denied..Did you apply for korean visa in the philippines? How's the result? Because we are planning to do the same..

    1. I applied in the Philippines. I guess its easier here. Did they inform you why you were denied?

    2. @JAK, na try mo rin na ba na mag apply sa Pinas after denied in Abu Dhabi? gusto ko po sana ganun din ang gawin.

    3. I think pwede since different embassy naman. there's no harm in trying. Let me know of the outcome. Thanks!

    4. @NEIL, After a denied South Korean tourist visa in Abu Dhabi (my work location) around second week of July '17, i asked/let all my family members to apply in the Philippines around second week of August '17. When they got all the visa approved, my husband spoke to the Officer and told my situation and the Officer told my husband to bring the passport and apply in the Philippines. I sent my passport thru DHL, my husband then applied for my visa in South Korean Embassy in the Philippines and after three working days, i got an approved visa. He then sent the passport thru DHL to UAE, just in time for my flight to go back to the Philippines. We went last week to Seoul and surely will come back soon. Thanks.

    5. @NEIL, after I was denied, I sent a letter to the Korean Embassy in AUH with all the attachments including my Japan, current US Visa, salary certificates etc but they never responded, good thing was mas Accommodating ang mga Officers sa Pilipinas. Thanks again.

  5. hey! ano balita sa pag aaply nyo kng korean visa sa iba? kc sinubukan ko sa dubai mag apply.. sabi nila bsta ung visa mo daw sa abu dhabi sa abu dhabi ka lng pwde mag apply.. and if nag apply kau sa pinas. ano ung requirements dun??

  6. Anonymous12:36 AM

    I think the reason your nephew got denied was because it doesn't make sense that he has 70,000 in his account when he is studying to be a caregiver. I think what the embassy does is to check paano ka nakakasave ng ganitong money when your job only pays you this amount. Dapat nag apply sya as househusband nalang if he wasn't employed. Just my 2 cents :)


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