Friday, February 03, 2017

Secured Credit Card - RCBC Instacard - One Year Later

Update: Just got an email that my funds have been released! Yey!

Time really flies too fast.

I can't believe that in a matter of weeks, my Instacard from RCBC would turn one year old. It seems only yesterday that I've had my faith tested and have finally gotten my card.

The Bad

Since I only opted to have Php10,000 as my hold amount, I was given a Blue Mastercard with the same credit limit. Yes, it was 100% in my case but I'v read elsewhere that some were only given 70% to 80% due to the remaining amount acting as a maintaining balance of their RCBC account.

Usage wise, I wasn't able to fully utilize this card because of it low credit limit. A big chunk of it was used to pay for an officemate's phone in 12 months installment. I also had another secured credit card with BPI with a much higher hold out amount and therefore a higher credit limit. My Instacard just stayed on my wallet for most months of the year.

Since I'm still yet to request for the hold out amount release, I am hoping it would be a smooth one. I will update this coming March.

The Good

My Instacard was treated like a regular RCBC credit card in cases where I need to swipe it, even though I was not able to fully maximize its features. It's also  great that they have this notification feature where every swipe you make, you will know via a text message or an email.

They also have minimal waiting time when contacting their customer service hotline. Well, at least for me, and when compared to BPI's customer support which really sucks big time.

The Best

I'm not really sure if this was because of my on time and in full monthly payments, or the fact that I have applied several times for a second card, but I was given a Gold Visa card this January even though my card is less than a year old. The credit limit is substantial, and I am now able to use their Unli 0% feature wherein you can have any transactions be converted into 3 months installment.

Thank you RCBC!


  1. Anonymous10:38 PM

    Not all secured cards are equal. Some of them don't charge annual fees, which can help you save a lot. You can find some other alternative secured credit cards here:

  2. AUB secured credit card has no annual fee but the minimum deposit hold out is 25000 and your credit limit will be 80% of your deposit.


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