Friday, June 23, 2017

Secured Credit Card - Letting go of RCBC's Instacard

Just in:

Dear Branch,

Good Day!

In line with issue reference number XXX, please be informed that branch may now release the hold out deposit of Mr. XXX for his Instacard account with card number XXX. Account was cancelled last April 18, 2017 and already completed the required 60 day holding period. The account of client do not have any outstanding obligation.

Thank you.

After reading so many horror stories about how people went through hell and back for their hold out amount to be released, I am so relieved that I didn't went through countless follow ups, calls and emails. All I did was to call RCBC's hotline, state my request, and patiently wait for 60 days clearing period to be over. Thank you RCBC!

My profile:

Php10,000 hold out amount
100% credit limit
Used for a 12 months installment purchase
Occasional usage, about twice in a month
Fully paid before due date
Was given a regular Gold RCBC credit card on my 10th month

With that, it's adios from me for RCBC's Instacard.

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