Friday, March 17, 2017

Extended! Multiple Entry Visa for BPI and BDO Cardholders and How To Get Yourself One

There was a time that I thought that gaining a single entry Korean visa is impossible, let alone a multiple one. I've also always thought that with way to much Koreans in the Philippines, it is really unfair that we Filipinos are given a hard time entering their country. Thanks to BDO and BPI, more Filipinos are able to get multiple entry visa for being a Gold or higher credit card holder. Yes, getting a credit card is still quite hard for some Pinoys but if you have the will, BDO (and BPI) have the way. :)

Here's some tips on how to get at least a Gold credit card with BPI and BDO.

1. Get a secured credit card. 

I for one did this trick. See my blog post here. In a nutshell, a secured credit card is a type of credit card wherein you have a hold amount as a collateral for the card. It functions like a normal credit card and is also eligible for the promotion. As of writing, you need at least Php75,000 credit limit. This means that your hold out amount should be at least Php94,000 as BPI promises a credit limit of  80%-90% of your hold amount. To make sure that I meet that point, I kissed my Php100,000 goodbye for a year.

BDO on the other hand is a different story. It is not that well known but BDO offers a secured credit card, they just don't have it publicly announced. You have to go to your branch of account and hope that a manager knows about it. It may mean opening a time deposit account. To have a gold credit card, its credit limit should at least be Php50,000.

2. Ask for a credit limit increase

This is applicable for those who has a regular credit card with BDO or BPI but in a lower tier. As soon as your card turns 6 months, you can request for a limit of at least Php75,000 for BPI and Php50,000 for BDO. Pray hard for it to be granted then request for a card upgrade to Gold. This was how my friend got his Gold BDO card. He was luckily given a Shopmore card with Php50,000 limit. He immediately requested for an upgrade upon receipt and after one month, went on to successfully secure himself a three year multiple entry.

This Credit Card promotion was introduced  way back in 2015 and is extended up to December, 2019! You can check it here in the Korean Embassy’s announcement section.


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