Friday, March 03, 2017

2017 Starbucks Philippines You Are Here Series Mug Collection Batch Two

Barely a month after releasing the new You Are Here Series mug collection, Starbucks is at it again with three more designs. Still at Php525 a piece, but you will need to exert more effort in acquiring since all of them are outside of Metro Manila.

Now let the nitpicking begin. Haha! I mean, let's take a look on these three new designs, shall we?


Another rehash of the original Global Icon series. They kept the sky blue colorway and the Boracay sand art from the second edition and added some beach stuff. I'm not totally a fan of the island, although I've never been there to justify this but I prefer a more secluded beach where you can be at peace just watching the waves and the sand and at night time, the stars above. Being one if not the most famous beaches in the country, I would not be surprised with its inclusion to the series. Fun fact: Palawan or Puerto Princesa does not have a Starbucks branch and this may be the reason why it does not have a representative to the old global icon series or to this new collection. Bummer.


Sunflowers and strawberries from the global icon series edition also grace this design for the summer capital of the Philippines, but this time, red is the dominant color coming from the greens of the old collection. I'm not familiar with the gazebo like structure as the centerpiece (Minesview Park, perhaps?) but I feel I have been on one in Tagaytay at the picnic grove. The design also reminds me of a small Chinese temple. Representations of the summer Malacanang and Burnham Park also made the cut.


Yet another familiar design from the global icon series, but I do believe Tagaytay is indeed best represented by the Taal Lake and nothing more. I would not settle for anything else. A sunflower also made an appearance. I believe it is because of the cool weather on these areas but I'm never seen an actual sunflower in bloom. Poor me.

Final Thoughts

I may be a bit biased here but if you intend to release a new edition of a collection, would it be better if it would be attacked in a fresher or a unique manner? Seeing these three designs still reminds me of the global icon series. Maybe Starbucks intends to be seen it that way. After all, the You Are Here series collection also aims to remind you of the place they feature. Just my two cents.

Images take from Starbucks Philippines Facebook page.

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