Monday, March 13, 2017

Credit Card Promo - Citi Bankwide Member Get Member Program

If PNB holds a special place in my heart for being the first credit card issuer to grant me a regular credit card, Citibank also holds another place for a different reason.

Citibank, being an international bank, is one, if not the most recognizable brand in terms of credit card brands. Ask anyone for the top three credit card issuer in the country, I'm 100% sure that Citibank would be on the list. This is why aside from having a gold credit card from BDO or BPI for my 3 year multiple entry to Korea hopes, I tried my luck in getting a Citibank credit card.

And I tried. And tried. And yet still tried.

Yes, I tried for at least 8 times before getting approved. I have had one planner, an umbrella and 6 tubs of Chef Tony's popcorn before getting their elusive "Yes".

Now that they have this referral program until March 31, 2017, I hope yours will be a bit easier.

See full terms and conditions here.


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