Friday, March 10, 2017

Credit Card Promo - PNB Member Get Member Program

Being the first bank that gave me my first regular credit card when all the others have declined me, PNB will always have a special spot in my heart. Arte. Haha! Aside from being  a part of the free for life promo last February 2016 and recently being given another free for life card (The Travel Club Card), it is very easy to connect to their customer support, and they offer one of the most, if not the lowest balance transfer rate among credit card issuer in the Philippines. These were a few of the things I love about PNB. Another credit limit increase would put the icing on top. Hopia.

Kidding aside, this is why I'm making this post. To share, and make others experience what PNB has to offer, and receiving cash credits while doing so. Haha! There are other cards other than BDO, BPI, Metrobank, at Citibank. :)

I know I don't have a lot of readers but at least its worth a try. This is a year round promotion and it covers all referrals received from March 1 to December 15, 2017. All you have to provide me your full name, contact number and email address. I will be the one to forward it to PNB. Do drop a comment with your email address so I can get back to you.

Promo Mechanics:

1. This program is open to all existing PNB Credit Cardholders in good credit standing, excluding Corporate and Distribution Cards.

2. The promo period covers all referrals received from March 1 to December 15, 2017.

3. Existing PNB Credit Cardholders may refer their personal network to apply for PNB Credit Cards. If the referral is approved, the PNB Credit Cardholder who referred the the account shall receive P500 cash credit to his own PNB Credit Card Account.

4. There are no restrictions to the type of card being applied for.

5. Cash Credit Incentive cannot be transferred to another PNB Credit Cardholder nor it can be converted to cash or any other form.

6. Process for Referral:
6.1. PNB Credit Cardholder has to send via email to the following   information regarding their referral:

Complete Name
Contact Number
Email Address
6.2. Only complete referrals shall be processed.
6.3. PNB shall send PNB Credit Card Application form to the referrals within two days from receipt of referral.
6.4. Referred individual to accomplish the application and submit the following to for processing:

Filled out and Signed PNB Credit Card Application Form
Valid Government-Issued ID
Income Documents
For Employed applicants: (any one of the following)

Latest ITR/W-2
One Month Payslip
Latest Certificate of Employment
Latest Credit Card Billing Statement
For Self-employed applicants:

Latest ITR with DTI/SEC Registration and Audited Financial Statements
6.5. Only complete applications shall be processed.
6.6. Once the referral is approved, the cash credit incentive will be credited to the referrer's PNB Credit Card Account within 30 days from date of approval.
6.7. A notification will be sent to the referrer if the referral/application has been approved via email.
6.8. For follow-ups regarding the status of referrals, PNB Credit Cardholder Referrer may send an email to or call 24/7 PNB Customer Service at (02) 818-9-818. Email must contain the name of the referral.
6.9. The PNB Credit Card has to be active at the time of referral and incentive crediting.
6.10. Only new-to-bank, principal approved referrals shall earn cash credit incentive.
6.11. PNB shall have the sole right whether to approve or reject an application. PNB shall have the sole right whether to disclose the reason for rejection of an application.

Official page can be found here.

All the best!

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