Saturday, February 13, 2016

Walkthrough On How To Keep Easy Streak for 4 star Arena on Marvel Contest of Champions

For those who just happened to stumble upon this 'lil blog of mine, Marvel Contest of Champions is a free-to-play mobile fighting game developed and published by Kabam way back from 2014. Its available on iOS and Android and is cross-platform, meaning you can play it across different devices regardless of the OS unlike The Simpson's Tapped Out (which is another game I'm playing for a loooong time).

One of this game's highlight is the Arena System wherein you grind your way to a new 3 star or 4 star champion for 3 days (6 days if you plan on doing the arena rerun). Grinding means playing nonstop for 3 days (less sleep, eat, and work), and spending units (game currency) just to be on the top ranks to get the coveted 3 or 4 star champion prize.

Anyway, I'm a former Marvel Contest of Champions addict. Well, soon to be former, as I rarely have the time to play due to work schedule, although I have yet to inform my alliance. Haha! My alliance is mostly composed of players from India and they are very competitive and dead serious about the Alliance Quest (more on that in the future). I just thought on sharing a walk through for easy streak in 4 star arena which really helped me in increasing my roster since the Abomination arena. This would generally help you building your champion roster which in turn will have you desirable to most alliances. My last arena was the one before Scarlet Witch I think, and I've only stopped playing for a month. The current arena is of Deadpool X-Force at the time of writing.

Streak 1-6 You can use your 3 star champ teams in increasing PI (power index) order
Streak 7-8 Use Rank 4 3 star champions or better
Streak 9-10 Use maxxed 3 star champions
Streak 11-15 Use only Rank 3/30 4* teams (for streak 11 you can use maxxed 3 star team as well if you are good)
Streak 16-20 Use 4 star champions only (4* 3/30) (You can mix 2 4 star champions with 1 maxxed 3 star in a team and it works)
Streak 21-25 Use only 4 star 3/30 or 3 star  maxxed teams
Streak 25 onwards Try to keep team PI 4K+

Remember,  don't use 4 star team below Streak 10 and don't use 3 star team from Streak 12-20

This has worked for me and  I hope it will help you.

This game is highly addictive. You've been warned. :)

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