Thursday, February 25, 2016

Mars Recalls Chocolate Products in 55 Countries!

I was on my way home, on a taxi when I heard this from Mike Enriquez of 24 Oras on his morning radio show.

Mars said on Tuesday that it was recalling chocolate bars and other products in 55 countries, mainly in Europe, following a complaint last January 8 from a consumer in Germany who found red plastic bits and pieces in a Snickers bar and have sent it back to the company. The plastic was then traced back to Veghel where it was determined that it came from a protective cover used in the plant’s manufacturing process which also makes Mars fun-size, Milky Way fun-size, variety bags of fun-size chocolates, and Celebrations. 

The recall only involves the products that are made in the Netherlands at the Mars factory in the southern town of Veghel, a representative said, adding that the products were mainly sold in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe. Chocolate lovers in the United States need not worry as the recall does not extend to the company's home base.


I love Mars! I love Milky Way! I love the sticky, melt in your mouth experience they give with ecah bite. Never mind the Snickers (as it contains nut; I do not love nuts on a chocolate), but still a resounding noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

I know it basically affects European countries but with global commerce and importation and all, it would surely get around Asia. I've made a quick research online and found that Singapore have already  made a move.

So better be careful guys. make sure that ones you are eating at the moment do not have the "Mars Netherlands" on its packaging. For now, I settle on a local chocolate favorite, Goya while finding that list.

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