Friday, February 26, 2016

Secured Credit Cards - Testing My Faith in RCBC's Instacard

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Just last February 22 (Monday) I applied for RCBC's Instacard. Basically, it was a smooth experience. I went to the bank, deposited Php10,000, filled up some forms, and was asked to wait for two weeks. That's what I'm doing at the moment. While waiting, I Googled more about RCBC Instacard program and that's when I knew about long processing time, late delivery of the card, being unable to withdraw the hold amount, and similar horror stories.

I personally do not care about those. For me, as long as you are are using the card and paying for it responsibly, there should not be  a problem getting your hold amount back. What made me think twice about my application was when I learned that one cannot convert an Instacard secured credit card into a regular credit card, Sad, no? Even after several months of being a good payer will not grant you a regular one. For me, this is deal breaker since of course, every one needs some sort of upgrade at a certain point, right?

Still thinking on what to do now. :(

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