Sunday, February 26, 2017

Credit Cards - PNB Essentials Mastercard - One Year Later

I remember it as though it only happened yesterday. It was a hot sunny afternoon. Though it was late February and the molten ice from our northern neighbors should have made the weather a slightly chilly one, there was I sweating profusely under the mighty sun. Armed with the requirements I've taken note from their website, I entered Philippine National Bank (PNB) P. Tuazon branch. I'm not exactly sure if their branch is a new one, but it looks like it, especially when compared to the Ali Mall or the Cubao-Harvard branches.

The staff were friendly and accommodating. Even though it was nearly lunch, one of their tellers assisted me with my application. I was initially asked if I had an account with them. I told them that I didn't and asked if it was necessary. Good thing it was not but it could really help with my application since this will be my first credit card if ever. I just told them I would be opening one should I get approved so I can use their online portal.

The process only took 30 minutes of filling up the application form. I was told it could take a month or so for the entire process and I should really see to it that I answer their verification call for me to get approved.

A week later, I received their call and was relieved that I was free to answer it. Basic questions were asked and it took only about 5 minutes. I didn't hear again from them after that. Amidst the tension I faced with applying for a secured credit card, I was totally surprised that around March 7, 2016, a card arrived at the office though I was not there to receive it personally. It was an Essentials MasterCard with a Php20,000 limit. Very low indeed, but at least it's a regular one. My first ever. To top it up, I then learned that it have free annual fee for life. I feel so lucky.

Six months later, I requested for a credit limit increase and was granted one from Php 20,000 to Php 50,000. 10 months after, I requested for a Travel Club Platinum Mastercard which is also free for life. I was initially declined but them got approved after casually mentioning it to a CS on one of my contacts with them. That's a different story for now. Hehe.

Card usage wise, it has the perks of other credit cards: installment plans, balance transfer, transaction conversion; all of which I've used at a certain time. If there's a bad thing that I could think of, it is their overseas usage limit. Though my balance is sufficient enough and a travel advice was given, a CS told me that the card would be blocked after a certain number of swipes. It happened to me when I was in HongKong and then another time in South Korea. I didn't dare use it when I was in Japan so I'll never know.  Otherwise, all was well.

Recently, February 22, 2017, I received the below email. I guess it was February 22 when I got approved and got the card 2 weeks later. Though I'm pretty sure that this is s system generated email, I was touched, and would have been touched more if it came with an automatic credit limit increase. Just kidding. Seriously, two cards from them with no annual fee for life is reason enough for me to stay with this bank.

Image by PNB

Thank you PNB for the trust. I'm really looking forward for a stronger banking relationship with you for the years to come.

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