Wednesday, July 19, 2017

#kolokoytravels - Maginhawa - The Nook Cafe

No one is too old for Harry Potter. Being the Harry Potter fan that I am since good old college days, I dragged a friend to The Nook Cafe Cafe, a Harry Potter inspired cafe in Maginhawa.  It is worth to note that my friend and I have been to The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter in Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan way back October 2016. We already have the taste the original butterbeer (hot, iced and frosted) so we kept our expectations to a minimum. 

Located at 164 A Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City, and since there are no local jeepneys that passes the area, the best way to go there is just via Grab and Uber. If bringing a car, expect to search for a parking lot nearby as it does not have any. 

We arrived on a weekend, around 3PM which I guess a bad decision as the place is packed when we got there, and was told that the waiting time is an hour or so. Since we are already there and the weather is not too sunny, we decided to wait the time out. Good thing they allow ordering even though we are not seated yet. I initially opted for a mug of butterbeer. I was surprised that the staff didn't asked for any payment immediately and was told that it would be at the end of our stay. Plus points for believing that people are basically good. Haha!

My verdict? The butterbeer is just okay. A bit sweet for me. It tasted like butterscotch as it should be. However, there something missing from what we have tasted in Osaka. I believe it's the kick a carbonated drink will bring. At Php100 a glass, I think its alright considering the number of photos you would post in social media plus the bragging rights of "Been there, done that" tune. I've had thee glasses by the way. LOL.

I love this corner. 

From the stairs.

I believe that a part of what will make a successful themed place, is the staff who will manage it. Fortunately,  they were nice and accommodating. I can see visitors talking to them about the series while waiting to be seated. They really make you feel at home. I guess it counts to be a Potterhead too when applying for the job.

The place itself was small. Two-storey but could only seat about 6 persons at the ground floor and about 9 persons in the second floor, but filled with Harry Potter memorabilia: from books, funko pops, robes, wands. There is a cupboard under the stairs which I sadly was not able to explore as we opted to be seated at the second floor. They also have board games that you can borrow from the counter to level up the experience.   There's a hammock at the corner of the second floor and it quickly became my favorite place in the cafe. Nostalgia will really eat you out as you try every bits of the place. Sorting hat, school robes, wands, chocolate frogs, even the wall is painted as Diagon Alley. With a waiting time of almost two hours, we only stayed for an hour or so, but every minute was worth it. 

Food. Aside from butterbeer, we didn't really order any except for the bacon wrapped chicken which I can say is very very good. I always tell myself that for themed cafes, go for the experience, not the food, and you'll end up with a smile plastered on your face. Should there be a next time, I'll surely order more. 

Writings on the wall. 

Top view.

I swear someday I'll have my room with this. 

My favorite house. :)

Potterheads, literally. :)

I can stay here forever. <3

Overall, it was a great and unique experience. I just hope that they’ll get a more spacious place or a second branch I guess because it’s really hard when you have a lot of customers and the place becomes crowded and noisy especially during the photo ops time. I think the time taking pictures are longer than eating what you have ordered.  I basically gave up a Slytherin robe after 20 minutes of using it for a girl of 10 who really wants to try it and was obviously waiting for my turn to end. Being of older age that I am, I gave her my turn and just contently watched her role play with her parents, who obviously are Potterheads too. :)

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