Saturday, July 01, 2017

#kolokoytravels Hong Kong 2016 - Nan Lian Garden

Disneyland, check.

Avenue of the Stars, check.

Tian Tan Buddha, check.

Now, what?

When one thinks of Hong Kong, you can surely bet that images of those three would definitely top the list. More often than not, those three will also eat up a huge chunk of your itineray, leaving you exhausted to the point of just calling it a day.

Since my first trip in Hong Kong was via a package tour, I only get to appreciate the city when I went DIY and searched various guides online. The Internet is really a very powerful tool when planning your travel itinerary. I only came across the Nan Lian garden while doing some research via my Sygic app on less popular but worthy (read: instagrammable) places to visit around the city. Thank God I did.

The garden was literally a breath of fresh air. A wide patch of greens amongst concrete. The very thing that I remember is how tranquil and quiet it is once you’re inside the walls of the garden. Maybe it helps that the weather back then was a gloomy one so walking is a bit easier to take. If not for the skyscrapers in the background, you may forget that you’re actually right in the middle of the city. The highlight of the garden is a spectacular golden pavilion in the middle of a pond crossed by a bright red bridge. There’s also  a big koi fish pond in the middle and a platform beside it where one can sit and rest. Watching the koi fish is fun, but no feeding allowed. Here re some pic I have taken, and hopefully would be able to post more.

Nan Lian Garden
Admission free
60 Fung Tak Rd, Diamond Hill, Hong Kong 
Opening hours: 7.00 to 21.00
MTR Station: Diamond Hill (Exit C2, then follow the signs to the Garden)

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