Sunday, July 16, 2017

eBay 101 - 3 Things I Learned From Online Selling

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I've been an occasional eBay PH seller since 2012. Nothing grand, just some collectibles which I decided to part with, and some buy and sell stuff.  My friends are usually surprised whenever they learn that I trade on eBay PH. All they know is OLX, though I also trade there from time to time. With that, here are three things I usually tell my friends when the subject of online selling via eBay comes up. This also applies to OLX, as they are both online trading sites.

1. Check out the nearest couriers around your area. It would be difficult for sellers to ship items if there's no available within your vicinity. Familiarize yourself with shipping cost, locally and internationally. Couriers like Air21, JRS Express, 2GO, Xend have lower rates compared to LBC, which I believe is the most popular courier in the country. I personally use Xend in shipping my items since I can always drop it off a 7-11 convenience store near my workplace. Having my items picked up at home usually does not work for me since my work schedule shifts every month or so. For international shipping, expect to pay a lot. I didn't and my first international sale was my last for the time being.

2. Before deciding to sell online, make sure you have that extra time to check your page at least 3 times a week and be prepared for haggling. learn to say "No, thank you". You can make your mobile number known to interested buyers for faster transactions. Be ready to respond to inquiries the soonest possible time, and not take it personally should the buyer decided not to push through despite several communication exchange. Believe me, Pinoys are great in haggling.

3. Decide how on you'd like to be paid. I personally choose to accept payments via bank deposit so I can have the cash immediately, and there's no fees to be paid. This is common on OLX and eBay PH. However, on other eBay sites especially the main US site, PayPal is king. And with the fees PayPal charges on every payment received, it best to be aware of the fees you will be paying so you can come up with an item price that won't get you out of pocket.

To sign up for an eBay account:

1. Visit and register
2. Fill up the needed information
3. You will be asked to confirm either thru your email or via text messaging.

Good luck!

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