Sunday, March 06, 2016

unit16sweets - Message In A (Chocolate) Bar

Personalized <3

I happened to pass by a food bazaar in Gateway this afternoon and look what I chanced upon. Personalized chocolate bars! The stall was of unit16sweets and they are selling chocolate bars with personalized wrappers! Much like everything else, I believe a gift is more appreciated when its personalized. The effort of thinking what to place in each bar and the thought of thinking of someone when you see a particular message feels good.  And of course, it's instagrammable. LOL.

 Each 45g  medium sized semi dark bar sells Php 35 a piece but you can get 3 for Php100. Not bad! I initially bought 3 as a birthday token for a friend but couldn't resist buying some of the designs as well.  I ended up buying 6 pieces more! Hehe.

Here's my favorite.



This one's has a back message.

Gender sensitive. LOL.

For girl friends.

For guy friends.

It's a cute alternative from the usual giveaways (think, figurines), and comes in 3 sizes: small (25g), medium (45g) and large (8 oz). Personalized as it is, it can be given during birthdays, weddings, corporate or school events or even as a one time "I thought of you" token. I got one of their flyers in the event I need to order in bulk. Here's their price chart:

There's a minimum of 100 pieces per order and you have the option of having the chocolate bar be a local or imported variant, and the wrapper be of a glossy one. Flavors include Peppermint, Chili, Cappuccino, and Sea Salt. Boy, 

I would love to try the Chili and Sea Salt!

Contact Number: 091756956854 / 09178516454
Faceook: /unit16sweets
Instagram: /unit16sweets

I have yet to taste one though. Maybe after this post. Hehe. I bought the semi dark chocolate variant and would expect a bittersweet (of course) flavor. Will update. :)

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