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#kolokoytravels - South Korea - My 6 Days 5 Nights Itinerary

For most people, including myself, drafting an itinerary is one, if not the best part of travelling. It comes along with the excitement of scoring a ticket from a seat sale and the anxiety brought about by applying for a Korean Visa.

First off, I really would like to write a guide about Seoul but do not have the time or enough expertise to create one. This is just based from my personal experience which I would like to put into writing.

This is how I drafted my Seoul itinerary for my September 13-18, 2016 trip. Although this is my second time being in Seoul, this is the first time that I'm travelling with a companion. I therefore considered including the basics even though I have already been there before. There's so much to see and to experience that six days are not really enough - one reason to get a multiple entry visa. Haha!

I will try my best to do a day by day report with tips and take aways but for now,  I will begin with a summary. My excuse to get this post updated sometime in the future.

Day 1 

7:00 AM - Departure MNL
12:00 PM - Arrival ICN
Allot at least an hour or two to go through immigration, change currency, buy T-Money, pick up a WIFI device, and purchase a train ticket to Seoul
1:00 PM - Travel to Hotel
AREX EXPRESS/NON-STOP TRAIN take about 43 mins travel time
2:00 PM - Hotel
3:00 PM - Seoul Animation Center
4:00 PM - Namsam Cable Car /
N Seoul Tower
8:00 PM - Myeongdong Dinner
11:00 PM - Back to Hotel

Day 2

7:00 AM - Train to Everland
10:00 AM - Everland
4:00 PM - Travel to Hongdae
6:00 PM - Explore Hongdae
10:00 PM - Back to Hotel

Day 3

8:00 AM - Gwanghwamun Square
9:00 AM - Gyeongbokgung Palace
11:00 AM - Lunch at Tosokchon Samgyetang
12:00 PM - Changdeokgung / Huwon Garden
2:00 PM - Changgyeonggung
4:00 PM - Bukchon Hanok  Village

Day 4

Korean Folk Village
Dongdaemun Design Plaza
Cheonggyecheon Stream and Cheonggye Plaza
Namdaemun Market
Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain

Day 5

7:00 AM - Travel to Gapyeong
9:00 AM - Gapyeong Rail Park
12:00 PM - Petit France
2:00 PM - Nami Island
6:00 PM - Travel to Seoul
8:00 PM - Explore Myeongdong

Day 6

Depature ICN
Arrival MNL


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